How do I Become a Service Advisor?

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An automotive industry service advisor typically works to greet automotive repair customers, schedule their services, obtain approval for repairs, and handle customer concerns. Often, a service advisor is an automotive customer's first, and sometimes only, contact at a repair shop. In most places, there are no strict educational requirements you'll have to meet to become a service advisor. Many employers require only a high school diploma or a general educational development (GED) credential. Additionally, many employers require candidates to have prior experience in a retail or customer service position.

Different companies may set different requirements for new service advisors. In most cases, however, you can become a service advisor after graduating from high school or earning a GED. Though this level of education is usually the minimum requirement for landing this job, some employers do have additional preferences. For example, an employer may give preference to job applicants who've earned associate's or bachelor's degrees in business or a related major. In fact, you may even be offered higher pay if you've earned a degree in addition to a diploma.


Many employers also require service advisor job candidates to have prior customer service or retail experience. This is due to the fact that the main part of a service advisor's job is greeting customers, answering questions, and providing customer service. Likewise, this job also involves dealing with customer complaints, explaining the recommended repair work, and interpreting pertinent information, such as the details of automobile warranties. As such, a person who wants to become a service advisor is typically expected to have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Besides customer service skills, many employers prefer applicants who have prior experience in the automotive industry or are familiar enough with cars to help customers understand their vehicles' maintenance needs. If you are seeking this job, prospective employers may also want to know that you are able to read and understand automotive and company policies. Likewise, prospective employers may want to know that you will adhere to safety procedures and follow directions. You may be required to have a driver's license as well, and some companies may give you hiring preference if you can drive a car that has a manual transmission.

Since many employers prefer new service advisors who have automotive knowledge, you may also become a service advisor by starting out as a mechanic. Some employers promote their mechanics to this position when they demonstrate not only mechanical skill, but also the ability to communicate well and get along with others. Likewise, having sales experience may help to improve your chances of landing this job.


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