How Do I Become a Security Expert Witness?

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Someone who wants to become a security expert witness can take advantage of a key set of principles that are often recommended by experienced security experts. These involve knowing a lot about security, as well as understanding the relevant legal processes and having experience in the law. There are also additional ways to help jump-start a career as a security expert witness, having to do with advanced technical degrees, and certifications for various types of security technology.

One big idea for someone who wants to become a security expert witness is to pick a specialty. Those with a specialty in particular security areas, such as cyber security, public event security, or national border security, will often go further in their careers than those who possess a more broad spectrum of skills. Having advanced degrees and certification in these specialties will give an individual an even better chance of success.

Certifications and relevant accreditations will generally help improve someone’s chances of becoming a security expert witness. For example, in the growing field of cyber security, a large number of certifications can be beneficial. In another kind of main security field, certain certifications related to the use of firearms may be highly practical for someone who wants to become a security expert witness.


In addition to particular degrees and qualifications, someone who wants to become a security expert witness will want to develop specific skills related to their field and specialty. Experienced cyber security experts point to examples like “critical controls,” elements of cyber security that appear most useful and necessary within that field. These include issues like handling malware, monitoring systems effectively, providing data loss prevention, and doing inventories of hardware and software. Network security skills can also be very useful.

Aside from all of the skills and education that individuals bring to a career as an expert witness in security issues, there’s also the idea of being connected with the legal field. Those who have been in a municipal courtroom before can have an advantage. Experience and skill in public speaking can also give a security expert witness an edge.

With all of this in hand, someone who wants to do security consulting as an expert witness can advertise their services effectively. They can reach out through websites, word-of-mouth, or other means of business communication. They can provide background in the form of testimonials, referrals, or other reputation-based information that can help them attract future clients and testify about security issues in a court of law.


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