How Do I Become a Search Engine Evaluator?

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A search engine evaluator usually works from home as a telecommuter and helps analyze a search engine's results. He determines how relevant a results page is for a specific search term and helps the search engine provider offer more helpful results for users. To become a search engine evaluator, you likely will need to be in college or have a completed bachelor's or master's degree. Solid research skills and computer fluency also are important, and you will need to be able to pass the prospective company's application process and any required tests to qualify for the position.

Most search engine evaluator jobs require either a completed bachelor's or master's degree or a degree that is in progress. The major does not necessarily matter, but a degree that teaches solid research, analytical and problem-solving skills is helpful if you want to become a search engine evaluator and perform well on the job. Technical fluency is especially important, so your degree program should teach you how to use a basic productivity suite, perform research on the Internet and troubleshoot common computer problems. You also should have strong writing skills, be comfortable working on your own in a telecommuting position, be able to manage time well and be able to comprehend written material online.


To become a search engine evaluator usually doesn't require specific work experience in search engine evaluation, but most employers do prefer that you have some general work experience. The job requires excellent problem-solving skills, computer literacy and strong research skills, so previous work experience that involved all three of these is highly desirable. Search engine evaluator jobs usually are associated with a specific country or language, so you likely will be required to meet the employer's requirements for language fluency or residency in the specified country. Some possible requirements include a number of years of residency in a specific country and extensive knowledge of the country's culture.

After applying to become a search engine evaluator, the specific company you choose may require a testing and training process. Some companies give you an initial test during the application process before you get any further in the hiring process, and others require multiple comprehensive tests that determine your ability to do the job. Getting a job as a search engine evaluator will depend on your ability to pass these tests and meet any technical requirements, such as having a compatible computer, a high-speed Internet connection, security software and supported web browsers.


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