How Do I Become a Scaffolding Contractor?

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To become a scaffolding contractor, you must become certified as a contractor; it is best to check with your local government office to find out exactly what your area requires. You will need to purchase insurance and obtain a tax number, and business bank accounts and labor tax withholding materials will also be required to become a scaffolding contractor. You will also need to obtain not only scaffolding, but the necessary vehicles to haul the scaffolding to a job site. Another step to becoming a scaffolding contractor is hiring employees and seeking out potential job sites that are willing to use your services.

Many general contractors seek out the services of a scaffolding contractor to fill their scaffolding needs. This is often less expensive when compared to purchasing all of the scaffolding materials that are required for occasional use. While having the desire to become a scaffolding contractor is a good start to beginning a foray into the scaffolding service, there are many steps that must be completed in order to become a scaffolding contractor, beginning with certification. Many areas have different requirements for becoming a contractor, so it will be necessary for you to investigate the legal requirements in your area if you are to become a scaffolding contractor.


Once you have completed the initial requirements to become a scaffolding contractor, you will need to apply for several licenses, such as tax, employee withholding and worker's compensation certificates. Bank accounts are also crucial for a new business, and if want to become a scaffolding contractor, you are wise to open an account that will allow you to appear more professional than a cash-only company. You will also be required to hold an active insurance policy to cover any damages resulting from the setup, removal and use of your scaffolding. This policy will be used to cover both your property as well as your employees.

A critical step required for you to become a scaffolding contractor is to purchase or rent scaffolding. Rather than purchasing all your scaffolding outright, you may be able to work out a beneficial deal with a scaffold rental company by agreeing to rent exclusively from it. After you have obtained the scaffolding and hired employees, you must find a contractor who will be willing to hire you. Once a job is secured, you will be required to maintain control over your employees, meet deadlines and offer superb service in order to continue working for your first contractor and be recommended to other contractors.


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