How do I Become a Salon Owner?

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Becoming a salon owner is a natural next step for someone who has enjoyed a successful career in hairdressing or another beauty-related profession. Perhaps you are attracted to the challenges and freedoms that come with running your own business. Maybe you have been a hairdresser for a while but see little chance to significantly increase your income at your current place of employment. These are just some of the reasons people have for wanting to become a salon owner. You have several options for making this happen, and if you already have experience and a deep understanding of the business, it will make it that much easier to start your own salon.

Before you decide to become a salon owner, make sure that you understand and can comply with any required laws and ordinances. All necessary degrees, certifications and permits should be secured before starting your business. Cosmetology and beauty schools are a good source for finding out the exact requirements for where you live. Consider hiring an attorney if you are unsure or if you need additional help.


One of the first requirements necessary to become a salon owner is basic business knowledge. You also need financing either to start your own business or to buy an existing one. Make sure to design a solid business plan that sets goals and details how you will finance and operate your salon. The plan can be changed if needed, but you need a basic road map to get started.

Successful business owners tend to be results-driven, organized and good with finances. Basic knowledge of accounting and other business practices is required. Some cosmetology schools offer courses in business management and accounting, for example. If you are a new cosmetology student, consider enrolling in these classes if you think you might be interested in salon ownership in the future.

Other factors associated with successful businesses are location, access, parking and name recognition. Your salon should be located in an area that has considerable traffic and yet is easy to locate and get into. If you lack enough parking, potential clients might go elsewhere.

An advantage to buying an existing business is that it likely has an established client base and name recognition. This is particularly true of franchises. A disadvantage of franchise ownership is you will have to follow all requirements of the franchise.

Operating a mobile hair salon is another option. This requires having a car or van equipped with all of the salon supplies you need. Instead of operating from a rented store, you would travel to client’s homes to provide services. This kind of business might require you to work many nights and weekends in order to accommodate your client’s work schedules.

Finally, you could operate a salon from your own home. It is best to have a professional-looking salon outside the main area of your home. Again, make sure you meet all laws and ordinance requirements. Also, ask yourself if you want every client knowing where you live.

If you do not have a cosmetology degree, it still might be possible to become a salon owner. This can be done simply by leasing out office space to hairdressers. Some owners provide multiple small rooms in one location from which the hairdressers run their own business. Hairdressers gravitate toward this option when they have a strong clientele but cannot afford to lease a building on their own.


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For dealing with appointments, an awesome and very easy to use system is AppointmentCare. If you have a web site already, it allows you to take appointments directly from there. Otherwise, it instantly gives you your own mini site to go along with the appointment booking.

Post 3

You should start by setting up your company then look for a place you can lease. Hire an experienced contractor to build the business and get all the licensed/permits from the county. After that, begin building your facebook page and do some online marketing. There are great articles and tips online teaching you have to build a successful salon. Best of luck, guys.

Post 2

I'm interested in owning a salon in my home town seeing an opportunity and strongly believe that i can make it, but have no background in hairdressing and beauty.

Post 1

Great site. My name is Sean and I'm really interested in owning a salon. I've been a stylist for over 10 yrs now and managed quite a few salons, but the want for my own is strong. I was able to get a lot of insight through this site. Thanks.

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