How do I Become a Sales Coordinator?

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A sales coordinator usually works for a wholesale distribution company or manufacturing firm, marketing and promoting products to smaller distributors and retail stores. A professional might communicate with clients in person, over the telephone, or through email. There are several important skills and personal qualities a person should develop if he or she wants to become a sales coordinator, including computer proficiency, customer service tactics, and communications expertise. In addition, a college degree, voluntary certification, and experience in other sales jobs are often required to become a sales coordinator for a large company.

Sales coordinators conduct extensive market research to determine which regions and stores will be able to successfully sell their products. Internet proficiency and communication skills are essential to becoming a sales coordinator, as much research is done by analyzing online statistics and speaking directly with representatives from different wholesalers and retailers. A coordinator should be able to speak clearly and present their products in a pleasant manner. A friendly demeanor can make the difference between securing long-term clients and failing to introduce even a single product into stores. It is also usually considered important for sales coordinators to maintain clean, well-groomed appearances when they deal with clients in person.


There are no set educational requirements to become a sales coordinator, though many hopeful professionals choose to pursue associate degrees or higher to better prepare themselves for the job. College students who want to work as sales coordinators typically major in business administration, accounting, public relations, or communications. Courses in economics, history, sociology, and statistics are important for an individual to develop an understanding of successful research and customer service strategies.

Prospective sales coordinators often find it helpful to pursue certification from private organizations to further improve their credentials. The Manufacturers’ Representatives Education Research Foundation (MRERF), for example, offers formal training, membership, and certification tests to coordinators in the United States. Individuals who pass the courses and exams offered by the MRERF are awarded with Certified Sales Professional credentials. Many employers prefer to hire sales coordinators who possess certification, and some companies require workers to pursue certification before working independently.

Many companies choose to internally promote employees to the ranks of sales coordinators, instead of hiring outside professionals. A manager or coordinating assistant may be able to become a sales coordinator by proving his or her work ethic, understanding of the job, and desire to help the company expand its distribution market. By gaining experience and making a positive impression on supervisors and employers, a worker may be rewarded with an esteemed sales coordinator position.


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