How do I Become a Restaurant Assistant Manager?

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If you want to become a restaurant assistant manager, you're likely to need at least a year of experience as a shift supervisor. Shift supervisors perform the same work as other employees, but they oversee the others during their job shifts. A good restaurant shift supervisor is likely to eventually be promoted to an assistant management position as long as his or her work quality stays consistent. Restaurant managers look for reliable assistants who understand the expected job duties and who are motivating and inspiring leaders.

Leadership skills plus a proven track record as a shift supervisor means not only overseeing staff but also improving sales and lowering complaints. In other words, if you want to become a restaurant assistant manager you should be taking the initiative to improve current problems. Making the restaurant manager's job easier shows that you'd be the ideal assistant. You'll have to adhere to company policy as well as obey your manager's instructions while solving problems and gaining new skills.


After a year or more as a shift manager, you may be able to create a career development plan with the manager during a performance view. It's best to mention your goal to become a restaurant assistant manager during an excellent review. If your manager gave you feedback about improving any area of your job performance, it's crucial that you do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. This action will show him or her that you learn well and can change. Many employees won't even admit they have a problem in how they perform their job duties, so taking what your manager said and turning it into a positive change can put you ahead.

If you want to become an restaurant assistant manager at an eatery you haven't previously worked at, such as by answering a job ad in a newspaper, you'll have to convince the hiring personnel that you're the best fit for the position. Dress professionally for the interview right down to clean fingernails. Make sure your resume doesn't simply list your experience, but mentions specific accomplishments of your past restaurant work. Let the hiring manager know how you solved problems as a shift supervisor. Explain what you did when workers didn't show up for shifts or how you improved overall customer service and sales.

To make your interview stand out from other job applicants, do your homework by researching the restaurant you hope to work in and make sure you understand the menu and customer base. The most important thing to get across to the hiring manager is how you would be an excellent fit at that particular restaurant. It's also a good idea to have several questions ready to show your passion to become a restaurant assistant manager at that particular establishment.


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