How Do I Become a Renovator?

Whitney Leigh White

When homeowners choose to make home improvements, they sometimes partner with a home renovator. This type of renovator is often self-employed and has the advantage of working for himself or herself. If you are looking to become renovator, understand that there are no educational requirements that must be met. Many times, a renovator will choose to take certain renovating vocational classes, as this will help to expand his or her knowledge, but, it is not necessary. Since so many tasks must be completed when it comes to renovating a home, you will need to have expansive and in-depth knowledge of the subject area and possess certain skills, in addition to obtaining a license in some geographical areas.

Although becoming a renovator does not necessarily require formal schooling, skill and experience are absolutely necessary.
Although becoming a renovator does not necessarily require formal schooling, skill and experience are absolutely necessary.

If you choose to become a renovator and take educational classes, there are many colleges that have renovation contracting programs. These types of programs will help you to learn the skills and knowledge that it takes to successfully pass a renovator’s licensing exam. Even though educational classes are not mandatory for you to become a renovator, passing an exam is required within most geographical areas. Many times, educational programs will also provide you with marketing education, which can then be used to help your renovation business flourish.

When you perform services within an area that does require licensing, make sure you identify what types of licenses are mandatory. Sometimes, renovators think that the only type of licensing they need is a renovator license; however, many times, a business license is also needed. A large portion of the time you will also have to register your business within the state or province that it operates under so you can pay obligatory taxes.

Within the United States, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) is an organization that you can go through to obtain certification if you have 5 years or more of remodeling or home improvement experience. This type of certification is very beneficial to obtain, as it helps consumers to see that you are experienced in the services you offer. To find out more about this type of certification, you can visit NARI's online website. If you become a renovator and wish to cover your business with insurance, remember that you will need some type of license and/or certification.

Excellent marketing, communication, and home improvement skills are helpful in order for you to become a renovator. Being a successful renovator will require you to obtain much more than basic home improvement skills. You should learn how to complete plumbing, painting, and flooring, as well as electrical, dry-walling work, and much more. This allows you to take on a large range of renovation jobs, which will help to increase your business’s profit levels overall.

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