How Do I Become a Relocation Specialist?

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To become a relocation specialist, you will need to first decide on the type of relocation services you are interested in offering to the public or the type of business or relocation service that you are interested in working for. The term "relocation specialist" can be used to describe employment positions that may have very different duties. In general, you will be expected to have an understanding of the moving process and to be able to identify and secure resources to help people, businesses, and government agencies relocate quickly and efficiently. In some cases, you may need to earn a real estate license to become a relocation specialist, or you may simply need a great deal of experience working for a relocation company. Alternatively, you may be able to segue into relocation work after spending time working in a human resources department.

Relocation, particularly long-distance relocation, can be a harrowing ordeal for individuals and businesses alike. Many people move into a new home only a few times in their lifetime, so they may not be particularly adept at coordinating a major relocation. In addition, some individuals have extenuating circumstances, such as advanced age or a disability, which can make relocation even more complex. It is often even more difficult for businesses and government organizations to relocate. In all these cases, it can be helpful to work with someone who is an expert at coordinating moves and relocation.


If you want to be a relocation specialist, you may first want to consider the types of relocations you would like to participate in. For example, you may simply want to help families and individuals find new homes and to assist them in making a smooth transition. In such cases, a career in real estate or property management may be a good way to learn about relocation issues and to eventually be able to provide comprehensive relocation services to your clients. In most places, real estate agents and property managers need to become licensed after taking a course of study at a vocational school.

Other options that can help you become a relocation specialist are professional certification programs. These programs typically require you to complete a combination of on-the-job training and to pass a proctored examination. In some cases, you will have the option of taking classes that can help you prepare to become a relocation specialist. Each certifying body has its own requirements and areas of specialization, so it is a good idea to ask these organizations about their program before choosing one to work with.


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