How do I Become a Reiki Teacher?

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To become a reiki teacher, students must apply to a licensing training program, advance through the levels of reiki training to become a master, and attend additional courses on how to teach and channel life force energy. Students may find it beneficial to become mentored by an existing reiki master or teacher who will supervise their training and allow them to co-teach with them. Programs to become licensed and to become a teacher may be found through the Internet or through some hospitals.

Reiki is the Japanese practice of laying hands on an individual in order to promote healing in his body. This is based on the concept that a life force energy flows through every person. If the person's life force is strong, then he is healthy, and when his life force is low, then he is prone to illness and disease. Through reiki, a healer can increase a client's life force energy and heal them from most ailments. It is not intended to be an alternative to traditional medical treatments, and can be used in conjunction with professional medical care.


This method of healing can be transferred from a master to a student through an attunement ceremony. During that time the student learns how to tap into an unending supply of life force energy which they may then use to heal others in the future. Students must generally obtain a license in this practice before they can begin using the technique on clients. Licensure in reiki is available from a variety of private institutions such as the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) and the Reiki License Commission for Reiki Masters and Healers (RLCRMH).

Students typically must be considered a reiki master before they become a reiki teacher. There are several levels of skill which practitioners of the art must attain before they can be considered a master. These levels are, in order, apprentice, healer, coach, master, and teacher. The names of each level may vary depending on the licensing body, though the concept of reaching higher degrees of skill remains the same.

To become a reiki teacher, students should first apply to an accredited licensing healing program. Individuals may find it beneficial to become sponsored by an existing master who will oversee their training. Some training institutes do not accept applicants without a mentor.

Training often consists of attending classes and taking written examinations about the reiki method. Courses are determined by the licensing body, and generally teach learning reiki glyphs, channeling and using the life force energy, performing reiki meditation, and using a healing grid. Once students have attained the highest level of reiki master, they may apply to become a reiki teacher.

Application for teaching licensure can be made to the original licensing body or a different training institute with which students wish to be affiliated. Additional classes are often required, some lasting a total of three years, before masters are considered knowledgeable enough in the method to teach it. Masters must pass a final written examination on the method and co-teach with an existing reiki teacher before hosting classes on their own. Once they have passed this process, teachers may advertise their classes through the training institute to other healers and masters.


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