How Do I Become a Recreation Coordinator?

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Qualifications to become a recreation coordinator vary by region and the size of the community offering leisure activities. In most areas, a university degree in recreation, administration, or physical education is required. A recreation coordinator might also need some experience, which might be attained working for a recreation department as a technician. To become a recreation coordinator, a person should understand budgeting and managing resources, and know how to plan and implement sporting events, cultural activities, and recreational opportunities.

Some agencies looking for a recreation coordinator want people with knowledge in certain areas. The best candidate might be familiar with management techniques to effectively supervise subordinates. When working to become a recreation coordinator, some knowledge in psychology, such as understanding how people learn and what motivates them, might also be considered an asset.

A recreation coordinator plans and schedules events and activities others might enjoy. This person typically takes responsibility for a single recreation facility or activity under the supervision of a recreation supervisor. He or she might rent facilities or equipment when needed for certain events and ensure equipment is safely used.

Other coordinators handle all recreational activities offered by local government. People who want to become a municipal recreation coordinator might oversee all parks, swimming pools, activity centers, and athletic fields. This type of employee typically travels between sites to ensure facilities are clean and safe. He or she might also evaluate programs and make changes as needed.


Administrative duties represent a typical responsibility of the coordinator. He or she usually prepares a budget and develops programs within available resources. Monthly or annual reports might be required, along with employee performance evaluations. In some regions, the recreation coordinator provides information to the public about activities offered by the city or county. He or she might also solicit volunteers and oversee their training.

Some companies hire recreational coordinators to plan activities for employees. In some cases, a person might qualify for a job while still in college working toward a degree. He or she might plan and lead outings and publicize events through employee newsletters and flyers.

Employers seek recreation coordinators who work courteously with the public and coworkers. They should consider all segments of the community when planning activities or cultural events. Good oral and written communication skills, and good problem-solving skills, might be valued. Time management might also be considered an asset to become a recreation coordinator.


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