How do I Become a Reality TV Star?

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When people ask how to become a reality TV star, this addresses two issues. These are how to get on a reality show and then to make the most of that opportunity. Neither of these things is simple, but there are some ways to pursue both paths.

People can try to become a reality TV star on famous or new shows. For an established show like Survivor, instructions on how to audition are available on the show’s website, and include sending in tapes and pictures. Tapes should express personality, entertain, and stand out from the crowd. Telling an amusing, unusual, or moving story that the show can use to its advantage may be good ways to elicit the interest of casting directors. If possible, look at old audition videos for some ideas.

Sometimes it is easier to become a reality TV star on an unknown reality show that might be a big hit. Who knew anything about the cast of the first Survivor or America’s Next Top Model before these shows became big hits? Search the Internet for new castings — there are plenty of free sites that advertise the different shows that are casting and give information on how to submit an application or where to show up to audition with producers.


Choose shows wisely because many have specific standards. American Idol might air an extremely bad audition, but they will not put that person on the show, so chances of more than fleeting fame are limited. Top Model is unlikely to accept a forty year old, no matter how attractive she may be, because this doesn’t fit model standards. In other words, apply for those shows that have greatest likelihood of acceptance, and don’t waste time on those that won’t work.

Should people get hired to become a reality TV star, the next decision is determining how to act on the show. People usually achieve stardom in one of the following ways: they’re exceptionally talented, they’re extremely lovable, they’re really despised, or their life view and experiences are very unusual. Reality TV loves extremes, and viewers will often latch onto the extreme differences and better recognize those who display them.

After a reality show appearance, people can assess how the public has viewed them, and might increase their fame with additional actions. This could include making television appearances, doing sponsorship ads, publishing motivational books, or other things. It’s best to secure an agent at this point so that an agent can look for any opportunity that keeps a person’s star burnished. People should also consider second appearances on reality shows, if they can get them.

To become a reality TV star is to first get hired and then to present an audience-grabbing persona. If a show is already famous or becomes a hit, the next step is to use agents to keep a career going. As with many others in the entertainment industry, not all people who seek reality show fame achieve it, even if they appear on a well-known show.


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