How Do I Become a Real Estate Receptionist?

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In order to become a real estate receptionist, it will usually be necessary to have some office experience to qualify for the position, sometimes even real estate office experience. Real estate agencies will also want job applicants to have a pleasant and professional manner, both in person and on the phone, and to be comfortable handling multiple tasks at a fast pace. Those who want to become a real estate receptionist will generally need to fill out a written application and then complete an interview. Sometimes, individuals who are studying to get a real estate license will work as a receptionist first in order to get extra experience.

In most cases, a certain personality is required, or at least strongly preferred, in order to become a real estate receptionist. Realtors and agencies want to hire receptionists who are friendly, personable, and outgoing, who are capable of engaging clients in pleasant conversation. It is also important to always be able to maintain a polite and professional manner, even in stressful situations. Aside from these basic personality qualifications, most offices will want you to have some previous office, and/or customer service, experience in order to ensure you are familiar with the operations of an office.


Larger real estate offices might want you to have specific real estate experience. This is because you might be asked certain questions but clients, or asked to complete tasks related to real estate transactions, and some basic knowledge of these principles will be very helpful. This is also why some people who are studying for their real estate licenses might work as receptionists in these offices first, to gain some firsthand experience of the business and common real estate transactions. If nothing else, you should be familiar with using a computer, technology such as multi-line phone systems and fax machines, and maintaining a filing system.

If you have all these qualifications to become a real estate receptionist, you can begin calling local offices to see if they are hiring, or searching in newspapers or online for job listings. Many offices will hire multiple receptionists to work part-time, or extra ones for busy times of day. You may be asked to fill out an application with basic information, and then come in for an interview to discuss your qualifications and goals. If you know you want to become a real estate receptionist, be persistent; this is an entry-level job with frequent openings in many offices.


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