How do I Become a Raw Food Chef?

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There are several paths a person can pursue to become a raw food chef, including attending a formal training program and apprenticing in a raw kitchen. People interested in careers as raw chefs may want to think about where they intend to work while deciding how they want to train. For some jobs, certification and training is necessary. Some employers, however, may only require that the chef demonstrate skills, competency, and innovation.

Raw food chefs work with food that is not heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Centigrade). Some raw food chefs are vegan, working solely with foods that are not of animal origin, while others work with meats, milks, and other animal products. These chefs use tools like dehydrators, blenders, and sprouters to produce a variety of foods, from nut cheeses to raw grain dishes. Training to become a raw food chef requires learning about safety and precautions in the kitchen, how to handle tools and devices used to prepare raw food, and developing menu items.


Training programs for raw food chefs can be found in several regions of the world. These programs are of varying duration and offer training from an introduction to basic cooking implements to advanced courses in recipe development. Raw chef training is often offered in the form of modules, allowing students to take classes at their own pace. Someone who wants to become a raw food chef in an environment like a resort, cruise ship, or existing restaurant may want to consider going to school. Another advantage of a school is that it may provide job placement or referral.

Other raw chefs learn through apprenticeship. As with other professional cooking jobs, apprenticeship usually starts at the bottom of the kitchen hierarchy. As a prospective chef acquires experience in various kitchen positions, she or he can gradually take on more responsibility. Eventually, a person who wants to become a raw food chef can be involved in menu development and kitchen management, learning skills that can be used to start a restaurant, work as a personal chef, or apply to existing restaurants and catering companies.

A person who plans to become a raw food chef may want to look up job opportunities and survey their requirements to get an idea of which career path would be most appropriate. Talking to working raw food chefs and studying biographies of noted figures in the raw food world can provide people with valuable information about the best training programs and apprenticeship options.


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I would like to know where I can become a raw (raw/vegan specifically) chef? I'd love a complete list of places I can attend, so that I know I am making the wisest decision! Thank you so much for your assistance! I have found some, but only some, and not all!

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