How do I Become a Radar Technician?

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A radar technician is an on-site expert in the ways of all radar electronics. Radar technicians are found in many government and civilian industries. If you want to become a radar technician, you will need a strong mind for electronics, proper training and an ability to make quick decisions. Your work will help countless communication and defense systems function properly.

Education is an important element to your success if you want to become a radar technician. Most technicians are required to have at least an associate's degree in electronics technology and some advanced jobs require a bachelor's degree. One way to attain the technological training, physics knowledge and radar insight without school is to work with radar systems in the military. This is a popular choice, because branches of the military usually have very high-tech equipment and a knowledgeable staff to train you in the many duties of a radar technician.


Your duties, when you become a radar technician, will be fairly diverse but always will revolve around radar systems. Your primary job is radar installation and setup, because you will be the on-site expert and will have the proper knowledge of hooking up tracking equipment to a computer system. You also will need to be very knowledgeable in radar repair, because you likely will be one of the few people on the staff who understand how these complex systems operate and how best to troubleshoot them. Those two jobs are very common responsibilities for a radar technician, but many times, you also will be responsible for monitoring different radio bands, working as a satellite tracker and other data-related responsibilities.

In order to be successful when you become a radar technician, you will need to have several skills to complement your daily duties. Strong organizational skill is a must because you frequently will be repairing and monitoring several systems at once and must have a routine for ensuring that each one is properly cared for. You likely will be the only technician on duty, unless you work for a very large operation, and you must be able to work independently and make decisions on your own. Also, you will need strong communication skills in order to properly write reports and consult coworkers on technical radar terms in language that everyone can understand.

Your education, skills and work can take you to many working environments when you become a radar technician. Government agencies probably are the most likely place for employment in this type of job. Military installations, space exploration departments and more all utilize radar technology. Some civilian companies also use radars, especially communication firms that utilize satellite technology.


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