How do I Become a Quality Control Manager?

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Quality control managers work in warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants, and laboratories to monitor the safety and quality of goods. They oversee inspections and product tests to ensure they are ready to be distributed to the public. Most professionals hold bachelor's or master's degrees in engineering or a related specialty, though the specific requirements to become a quality control manager vary between industries and employers. A person who wants to become a quality control manager can browse job search sites to determine the specific educational and training requirements that must be met to be considered for different positions.

Regardless of the job setting, a quality control manager needs to possess strong analytical, computer, and communication skills. It is important for a person who wants to become a quality control manager to develop a keen eye for detail and problem-solving abilities. Many quality control jobs entail the use of diagnostic testing machines and computer software, so expertise with computer systems is often helpful in securing work. An individual should also have the ability to communicate effectively with others in person, on the telephone, and through e-mail.


An entry-level employee at a manufacturing plant or warehouse may be able to become a quality control manager after gaining years of experience and proving his or her competence at the job. Many companies prefer to promote existing workers to managerial positions rather than bring in outside help since employees are already familiar with policies and procedures. A worker who is interested in becoming a manager should speak with his or her supervisor to learn about advancement possibilities.

A college degree in engineering is often necessary to become a quality control manager at an industrial factory or a research and development firm. A bachelor's degree program in mechanical engineering provides a fundamental understanding of the work that goes into designing, testing, and building new products and machines. A student has the opportunity to learn how to create blueprints, design computer simulations, and organize quality control testing procedures. Many prospective quality control managers focus their studies on specific industries, such as airplane, automobile, or chemical manufacturing to improve their credentials and their chances of finding work after college.

Once an individual is able to obtain a job, he or she can expect to spend several weeks in training to learn about the detailed responsibilities of the position from experienced supervisors. In addition, managers in many industries are required to pass licensure or certification exams before they can begin working independently. After gaining several years of experience and performing exceptionally well, a manager may be able to advance to a general manager or executive position within a company.


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