How Do I Become a Quality Assurance Inspector?

Jodee Redmond

There are two different ways that a person can become a quality assurance inspector. Some employers are willing to provide on the job training for positions where the inspector is required to determine whether an item passes or fails the employer’s standards. A person working as an inspector would only need a high school diploma to work in this capacity. To qualify for a more senior position as a quality assurance inspector, a post-secondary degree is required.

Some companies require quality assurance inspectors to have a degree in quality management.
Some companies require quality assurance inspectors to have a degree in quality management.

Quality inspector duties include examining items to ensure that they comply with the company’s established standards. An inspector may also be required to certify that the items being produced meet the appropriate legal requirements. The inspector may be responsible for making sure that a company’s packing and shipping containers meet the company’s standards. A quality assurance inspector will indicate whether or not the items under his or her control meet the accepted standards, and may also be required to collect samples of materials and forward them to testing facilities.

A person who wants to become a quality assurance inspector at a more senior level will need to start the process of qualifying for this type of position by enrolling in an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program majoring in quality management. Students who choose the associate’s degree program will be in school for approximately two years and the bachelor’s degree program runs for four years.

The curriculum for an associate’s degree program with a major in quality management includes courses in management skills, statistical quality control and quality management. Students enrolled in this program also study marketing research, team management and quality design and control. A person who wants to complete this requirement to become a quality inspector while holding down a job may want to consider one of the online programs available.

People who choose to study to become a quality assurance inspector and enroll in a bachelor’s degree program will start by taking a number of liberal arts courses covering subjects such as business writing, public speaking, mathematics and statistics. In later years, the students will focus their attention on subjects such as accounting, safety management and engineering principles. Product development, supply chain management and leadership are among other courses offered in the program. This program is also available online, which makes it a good option for people pursuing their education while working or meeting family obligations.

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