How do I Become a Qigong Master?

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Qigong is an ancient Chinese form of meditation and breathing techniques that are used for martial arts, enlightenment and health. This practice takes many years to learn in order to attain the title of Qigong master. A master also is considered a teacher, and in order to achieve this status, you must learn the four major areas of study within Qigong, including foundational theories and dynamic, static and meditative Quigong. After you have become an expert in these areas under the tutelage of a master, you will be given a Qigong certification and you will be considered a master.

The study of Qigong has been passed down from master to student for centuries and is considered one of the most popular types of Chinese meditation. The practice of Qigong involves regulating your breathing, practicing fluid body movement and maintaining intense mental focus. It has been linked to health benefits such as increased immunity and to improved discipline in sports such as martial arts. The only way to become a Qigong master is to be taught by a master.


If you want to become a Qigong master, you will begin by learning functional theories from your instructor. These include the beliefs on motion and breathing that have been passed down for centuries. This portion of the training will give you the foundation to understand why certain movements and activities are considered beneficial in meditative exercise. You will also learn the basics of alternative Chinese medicine, such as pressure points, in order to apply them to your studies.

After you understand the theories, your master instructor will advise you on three basic Qigong forms. Dynamic Quigong is a series of movements designed to promote positive Qi, or energy flow, throughout your body. To become a Qigong master, you also must perfect static Qigong by learning the various poses and holding them for long periods of time in order to achieve mental and physical strength. Meditative Qigong is the most diverse form because it differs philosophically from one instructor to another. Some forms of meditative Qigong focus on attaining self-enlightenment through meditation, some are more yoga-like, and others are designed to improve your focus.

After the Qigong master teaching you is confident that you have learned the various practices and beliefs, you will be ready to move on to become a master. Many teachers will be able to provide this certification, but there also are online methods. No matter how you attain your certificate, you will be considered a master of Qigong who understands the practice completely and even can teach it to others.


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