How Do I Become a Public Works Director?

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Public works describes all of the services and structures that are paid for by a government and which are used by the people who inhabit that particular region. A public works director is the professional who is responsible for management of these services and structures. This professional may also be required to communicate directly with government officials, such as a mayor or governor, and may also need to attend board meetings and prepare reports. To become a public works director, it can be important first to get education in a field such as public administration. It can also be helpful to become involved in community projects as a volunteer or as a paid professional and to gain years of experience as a manager of a public works department, such as Parks and Recreation.

The first step you should take to become a public works director is to get the right kind of education. In some cases, a college degree might not be required of applicants for the position, but many of the experience requirements might only be attained if you have a degree. Professionals in this field tend to study public administration, urban planning, or civil engineering.


It can also be useful to get as much experience in public works agencies as possible. To become a public works director, it might be necessary to begin by volunteering in various community organizations. Many board members in groups and agencies such as Transportation and the Board of Education work for low pay or they volunteer. Some of these positions, however, are paid full time jobs. It can be a good idea to volunteer first, especially if you are lacking experience, this way you can introduce yourself to local public works members and demonstrate your skills and body of knowledge.

In many cases, a public works director is considered an executive position. This means that a professional in this field can be responsible for managing and optimizing large organizational structures. To become a public works director, it might be necessary to first gain years of experience as a public works manager. Agencies such as Street and Utilities often need managers to oversee operations. Become involved in an agency in which you are interested and for which you have the experience and education to lead.

A lengthy interview process may be required of any professional who wants to become a public works director. You might have to meet with top government officials and prepare statements and arguments for plans you want to implement and managerial methods you might practice. Competition, pay, and levels of responsibility differ depending on size and location of the area covered by a public works department.


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