How do I Become a Property Caretaker?

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An individual who wants to become a property caretaker won’t usually need any particular education or work background. Instead, he’ll need to be trustworthy and capable of following directions. Developing good communication and organizational skills can prove helpful as well. Though not always required, being willing to travel for a desirable position may help a prospective caretaker have more opportunities available to him.

A property caretaker is an individual who cares for a property while its owners are absent or otherwise unable or unwilling to care for it. Property caretakers range from those who do occasional house sitting to those who care for a property for years at a time. Some people become property caretakers of residences while others may offer their services for commercial properties and vacation resorts. A person may even work as a property caretaker for a cemetery.

There are many potential benefits for a person who wants to become a property caretaker. He may, for example, earn a salary. Sometimes, however, people become property caretakers in exchange for free or nearly free rent. Others may take on this job for the opportunity to travel to new places and many enjoy being able to decide how to manage their own time without a boss looking over their shoulders.


Having good references can be important for a person who wants to become a property caretaker. In fact, it may be among the most important qualifications. While some property owners may want someone with gardening or maintenance skills to look after their properties, many care more about believing they can trust the person they hire to care for their property. A person with a criminal record may have a difficult time securing a property caretaker position. In some cases, even a poor credit history can interfere with a person’s ability to land this job.

An individual who wants to become a property caretaker may start out by responding to house sitting ads, posting fliers, and asking his friends and family members for referrals. After gaining experience and a good reputation for house sitting, a person may begin to get more offers and even some opportunities for long-term property caretaking. Often, a person can secure these opportunities without any traditional advertising. Sometimes word of mouth advertising can be just as effective.

Some people find property caretaking jobs by signing up for caretaker newsletters and websites. Often, these publications list ads posted by those looking for caretakers. An individual interested in a position can respond to these ads and interview for a position. Some aspiring property caretakers even sign on with agencies that connect property caretakers with people who wish to hire them.


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