How Do I Become a Programming Tutor?

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Individuals looking to become a programming tutor need to have a great grasp of a variety of computer programming languages and preferably a college degree in computer science or information systems. Programming tutors can work independently or for a tutoring company as an employee. Although a person looking to become a programming tutor may be well-versed in the area of programming, it is important to also understand the process of one-on-one teaching in order to communicate effectively with students.

There are many different computer languages present today that serve many different technological objectives. A person looking to become a programming tutor should initially focus on providing study help for the foundational programming languages such as C/C++ and Visual Basic. Over time, one may choose to provide tutorial services for newer or more specialized programming languages such as Perl and Ruby.

Apart from deciding which programming languages to focus upon, it is critical that anyone looking to become a programming tutor study different teaching methods. The tutor can then apply these various methods to discover which ones are most useful in explaining programming concepts to students. The ability to effectively explain programming concepts will help to keep students engaged in the study materials.


Someone looking to become a programming tutor will eventually need to decide whether or not to work independently or for a tutoring company. Working independently can be more lucrative and allow for higher hourly rates, but in addition to tutoring students one would also be required to handle the basic duties of running a business such as sales, marketing, and accounting. This may be overwhelming for someone who is simply looking to become a programming tutor in order to earn extra income; therefore, it may be more beneficial to acquire a tutoring job with a company. Although the income potential is limited, one would not have to worry about the mundane business activities that do not pertain to tutoring students.

As technology continues to grow and develop in the years ahead, there will continue to be a demand for programming tutors. The ability to earn extra income from this skill will be magnified by the fact that people are able to be tutored online; therefore, tutors are able to educate students worldwide. Individuals looking to become a programming tutor will need to be well versed in the world of technology in order to best educate students.


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