How do I Become a Professional Wrestler?

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A professional wrestler is a person who earns money for participating in wrestling matches arranged by a wrestling federation or league. Typically, a person who wants to become a professional wrestler has to spend a good deal of time getting into and staying in great physical shape. He usually spends time in wrestling school as well. Additionally, a person who wants to be successful in this career typically needs a talent for portraying different types of wrestling characters.

An individual who wants to become a professional wrestler often begins his pursuit of this career with a reality check. While everyone who pursues this career may want to be famous and earn large amounts of money, only a small fraction of those who shoot for this goal will attain it. Those who wrestle for smaller leagues may not make much money or develop much of a following. With hard work and perseverance, however, a person can succeed at this goal.

Since wrestlers are expected to be in great shape, a person who wants to become a professional wrestler usually spends a good deal of time working out. To prepare for this career, he may enlist the help of a personal trainer. At the very least, he’ll usually have to commit to spending hours in a gym each week, building his strength and working on his stamina. He may also follow a special diet that helps him build muscle, minimize excess fat, and maintain his energy level.


An individual who wants to become a professional wrestler may attend a wrestling school in preparation for this career. Wrestling schools teach the aspiring professional wrestler how to compete in matches and how to stay as safe as possible while wrestling. Often, these schools also provide instruction in maintaining the interest of an audience and using microphones during wrestling matches. Wrestling schools may also teach aspiring wrestlers exercises to help them meet their goals and stretches that help them avoid injuries. These schools may provide dietary information as well.

An individual who wants to become a professional wrestler typically has to participate in numerous wrestling matches before he catches the eye of professional scouts. During this time, an aspiring professional wrestler may work to develop a unique character and special wrestling moves that help him to stand out among other aspiring wrestlers. As he gains popularity, professional scouts may grow interested and offer him the chance to wrestle for a major wrestling federation.


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Post 2

There are actually a number of professional wrestling schools these days and this is a great place to start for any aspiring wrestler. There is more to the sport than lots of people give it credit for and it really helps to have a solid training in the fundamentals.

This is a also a good place to make connections. You will probably work with industry professionals and meet some of the people who work on the administrative and scouting side of some of the smaller leagues.

But what I think is most helpful about these schools is that they can teach you the kind of discipline that it takes to really make it as a pro wrestler. You have to keep you mind and body in shape. Lots of people neglect this and they get washed out in no time.

Post 1

It seems like it takes a lot of skill, charisma and luck to become a professional wrestler. There are only a few national stages for a pro wrestler and there are only so many guys that get to wrestle in front of that kind of audience.

There are lots of smaller wrestling leagues and it's easier to break in to these, but you could spend decades wrestling for a couple of hundred bucks in front of a few dozen people. It can really be a grind. Everyone wants to be Hulk Hogan but most of them end up broke and broken down.

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