How Do I Become a Process Improvement Manager?

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To become a process improvement manager, it might be a good idea to enroll in an academic degree program in business management. Process improvement managers work in a number of different industries. For this reason, you might benefit from knowing the field in which you would prefer to work, since this can impact that courses you take. For example, an individual interested in becoming a process improvement manager in the manufacturing industry might benefit from taking some engineering courses. It also can be helpful to learn about opportunities for professional process improvement certification that can make you more appealing to clients and employers.

Process improvement managers are professionals who specialize in consulting business managers who would like to improve their day-to-day operations. Managers normally hire process improvement managers when they would like to achieve new goals or take on new projects. Some factors considered by process improvement managers may include effectiveness of communication between departments, workflow, and supply chain management.

An academic degree in business management can be valuable for any individual who would like to become a process improvement manager. While you are studying for your degree, it can be a good idea to take courses in a discipline related to a field in which you prefer to specialize. Many schools allow students to earn more than one degree. An individual who is interested in the software industry, for example, can benefit from duel degrees in management and computer science.


While it may not be necessary to earn a graduate degree to become a process improvement manager, many professionals feel that a postgraduate degree from a reputable program can help them to get better jobs and earn higher pay. Attending graduate school is also a great way to network with potential colleagues and future employers. These individuals can provide job leads and write letters of reference.

In many areas, trade organizations offer certification. A person who would like to become a process improvement manager can benefit from this certification, since it can improve his or her resume by acting as evidence of proficiency. To earn process improvement certification, it might be necessary to take several courses and pass an exam.

The process improvement managers who are most successful tend to be those who have the most experience within a certain industry. After you have received the proper education, it might be necessary first to take entry level positions. This is a good way to increase your knowledge of an industry and improve your credentials.


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