How Do I Become a Print Specialist?

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Print specialists need to have skills and knowledge regarding all types of printed materials, which can range from small brochures to large billboards. If you have an interest in printed information, you can become a print specialist through education, training and experience in the field. There are jobs available in advertising, in marketing and with professional printing companies. Personality traits that are helpful for this line of work include an attention to detail, motivation toward remaining up-to-date with the latest technology and being able to stay organized under pressure.

To become a print specialist, it is not necessary to attend college, but having a college degree will give you an edge over other applicants during the hiring process. A high school diploma is needed to be hired for most positions. There are technical degrees available in print technology that can help you gain knowledge and experience without working in the industry, which can help you get started in the business through an entry-level job.


Applying to jobs at printing companies is the first step if you want to become a print specialist. Some advertising and marketing firms have their own print production departments, and others outsource to printing companies. It is a good idea to get experience working in a printing company before branching out into advertising or marketing. You might start in the printing production department or as an assistant print specialist, but after gaining some experience, it is possible to move into the role of print specialist.

Personality characteristics that are necessary if you want to become a print specialist include having a good eye for detail and the ability to stay organized under pressure. Print specialists often have many things happening at one time and have to be able to meet deadlines and coordinate the activities of staff members in the printing department. In some companies, a print specialist also helps with design and layout of graphics, so a sense of design and creativity will be needed to adequately do the job.

If you want to become a print specialist, you need to be capable of working with your hands and learning about various printing technologies. Continuing education is often required to stay current with the latest technology and trends in printing. A knowledge of various printing specifications and layouts is helpful when transforming print pieces into various sizes and formats, as well as all types of materials.


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