How do I Become a Poultry Farmer?

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Poultry is one of the most popular types of farm animals to raise because the birds are profitable for breeding, for eggs or for meat. If you want to become a poultry farmer, you will need to learn everything possible about various poultry types, such as chickens, turkeys and ducks. You will also need to understand every step of the bird's life, from birth to sale on the market. Mastering these skills will be a great entry into the exciting world of poultry farms.

There are no educational requirements necessary to become a poultry farmer, but that does not mean there is nothing to learn before jumping into this role. Studying mathematics, economics, biology, agriculture and industrial arts are all important for running a successful farm. The best way to learn this trade is by getting a job as a hand on a poultry farm and learning the trade from experienced farmers first. This will give you an opportunity to see the day-to-day needs, as well as the life cycle, of birds in order to properly raise them.


One of the first decisions you must make if you want to become a poultry farmer is what kind of farm to start. A chicken farm, a turkey farm and a duck farm all have different needs, because the birds all need different types of care, feeding and shelter. Another consideration is how you want to sell your product, because poultry farms offer a dynamic range of products from birds, whether they are for breeding, eggs or meat. Many farms provide a mixture of offerings to increase profitability.

No matter what goods you are providing when you become a poultry farmer, you likely will need financing. This requires strong business and communication skills, because you potentially will need to solicit a variety of sources for start-up capital. Bank loans are a popular way to get money. Private investors are another route to get operating money. Any place from which you might get financing likely will request to see a business plan featuring your experience and vision for earning money with poultry.

Caring for the birds also is an important aspect in order to become a poultry farmer. Studying your country's regulations for raising and selling poultry is crucial for avoiding fines and having a salable product. Medical attention also is important, because these birds commonly fall prey to disease. Proper veterinarian visits and medication will keep the birds healthy.

Finally, you must understand the poultry market in order to sell your products. Local markets, food-producing companies and grocery stores are all potential buyers. You must make connections and negotiate prices in order to be successful at this job.


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