How Do I Become a Postmaster?

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The requirements you have to meet to become a postmaster usually include a high school education or General Educational Development® (GED®) diploma. Though a college degree may not appear among the requirements for this job, having one may help improve your chances of landing it. Likewise, postal experience and special training is usually required for this position. You may also have to pass an exam and demonstrate that you have the skills desirable in a postmaster.

You will typically need at least a high school diploma to become a postmaster. In lieu of this credential, however, a GED® is usually acceptable. In order to increase your qualifications for becoming a postmaster, you may do well to earn a college degree in a major that will help prepare you for this type of job. For example, you might benefit from earning a four-year degree in a field such as business management or public administration. Even an associate's degree may prove helpful.


In most cases, you will need experience working for the postal service in order to become a postmaster. You often can start out with an entry-level position and then work your way up to becoming a postmaster. During your years of work with the post office, you may do well to acquire knowledge of the way the postal system works and the daily tasks required for keeping a post office operating as it should. You may also benefit from developing your understanding of post office fees, regulations, and services. This usually includes safety regulations that pertain to the handling and delivery of the mail as well.

If you are hired to become a postmaster without significant experience, you will still need a good deal of postal procedure knowledge. In such a case, you will likely receive in-house training to prepare you for this position. This is typically provided as on-the-job training.

In addition to meeting minimum educational requirements and gaining experience as a postal worker, there are some other skills you can develop to make yourself a more attractive postmaster candidate. For example, you will likely need excellent communication skills in order to succeed in this job, and organizational and decision-making skills are also critical for success in this career. Negotiation and math skills are typically important as well.

Special training is also a part of becoming a postmaster. You can likely gain access to training programs that help you prepare for the postmaster position as well as other supervisory roles. The training you receive will usually include at least some traditional instruction in a classroom as well as some hands-on training. You may also have to take an examination as part of the process of becoming a postmaster.


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