How Do I Become a Polytechnic Lecturer?

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In order to become a polytechnic lecturer, it is necessary to get a job working as an instructor at a polytechnic institute, otherwise known as a technological institute. Lecturers at polytechnic institutes are more hands-on than at traditional colleges and universities, so it is necessary to be skilled in a particular area to become a polytechnic lecturer. These jobs are available throughout the world, so it is important to be flexible about the geographical location of the job. The application process for this type of job is similar to that of any other kind of instructor or teacher.

Become a polytechnic lecturer by first becoming educated and skilled in a certain area. Polytechnic institutes teach subjects ranging from engineering to crafts to automotive work depending on the school and the interests of the students who attend. An education in the subject is generally required unless an individual has retained mastery over it on his or her own. An undergraduate degree is usually still required, and in many cases, a master's degree is needed to become a polytechnic lecturer. The more education an individual has, the easier it will be for him or her to get a job teaching the subject.


Polytechnic lecturers are found in Asia, Europe, the United States and in many other geographical locations. When applying to positions, it might be necessary to leave one area and move to another to find a job. Individuals can become a polytechnic lecturer by being flexible and applying to many polytechnic institutes throughout the world. This makes getting a job much more likely and easier to accomplish.

The application process for instructors and lecturers involves finishing school and being able to show a skill to the polytechnic institute. The way that this occurs is through having experience in the subject matter from working in the field. Since these jobs are teaching hands-on material, it is important to be able to physically show the students how to do things, so book learning is not enough to be hired.

Applying to jobs involves finding open positions and sending the employers the materials that they require. Open positions can be found on polytechnic institute websites and through networking with others in the field. Materials often include an application, a curriculum vitae and letters of recommendation. Individuals can get letters of recommendation from previous employers, professors and others who know of their work.


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