How Do I Become a PHP Tutor?

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Individuals looking to become a PHP tutor will need to be proficient not only in PHP programming but computer programming in general. PHP is an open source computer programming language that is used for the development of web applications and dynamic websites. As this language can be used for many different applications, it is critical that anyone looking to become a PHP tutor be cognizant of the variety of ways in which the language can be used. Although many PHP programmers are self-taught, a person looking to become a PHP tutor with a tutoring company will need to have a formal education, generally consisting of a bachelor's degree in computer science or information systems.

PHP is a language that works in conjunction with web server software. This language is generally used inside of HyperText Markup Language (HTML) in order to make websites dynamic. When a person visits a website, the web server executes the PHP code embedded within the HTML code. As PHP is a scripting language, it can be implemented in a wide variety of applications and those who may become a PHP tutor need to be able to educate students on how to write and implement PHP.


A person aspiring to become a PHP tutor will need to be able to thoroughly explain its basic concepts. These include PHP variables and operators, as well as the basic control structures and syntax associated with the language. As a PHP tutor, one may have to provide study help to students in the areas of arrays and functions as these components are critical to the mastery of any programming language. Tutors will also need to be able to show students how to connect PHP scripts to MySQL databases and import data from outside sources, such as web forms and text files.

PHP tutors will need to determine the method for delivering their tutoring services. Many individuals looking to become a PHP tutor begin their careers by first working with a tutoring company. Although tutors generally make less money per hour working for a tutoring company as opposed to working independently, they do not have to worry about marketing and all of the details that are associated with running a company. In contrast, a tutor may decide to work independently and offer PHP tutoring services to local students as a means to earn extra income. Both methods have a variety of advantages and disadvantages and the ultimate decision will be the personal choice of the tutor.


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