How Do I Become a Pet Psychic?

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Unlike many other careers, there is no clear-cut path to becoming a pet psychic. Instead, you usually have to spend time learning about the types of animals with which you will work and gaining experience caring for them. You will also have to develop your physic ability through classes, workshops, and independent practice. In fact, you may do well to exercise your psychic ability with your own pet before you move on to the pets of family members and friends, and then advertise to find customers who are in need of help from a pet psychic.

One important step as you work to become a pet psychic is learning about animals. Though you will strive to establish psychic connections with pets, understanding their anatomy and care needs may prove helpful to you throughout your career. You can take classes in pet care or even read books that help you learn as much as possible about pet care. Additionally, you might consider volunteering at pet shelters and hospitals in order to get hands-on experience working with various types of pets before you become a pet psychic.


You will likely need to develop your psychic abilities when you want to become a pet psychic. You may find classes and workshops helpful for this purpose, and some books and DVDs may help to prepare you as well. Such classes can help you learn how to tune into a pet's moods and feelings and determine the reasons behind his behavior, using not only your physic abilities but also your understanding of animal behavior. You can also learn how to interpret body language and use this knowledge in connecting with and understanding pets.

While you may benefit from building your general psychic abilities when you want to become a pet psychic, you might find enrolling in a class or workshop intended specifically for aspiring pet psychics provides more focused training. Such classes may help you learn how to better communicate with pets as well as how to develop a telepathic connection with animals. Many classes also include physic testing exercises in which you provide physic feedback and then learn from the instructor's evaluation of your accuracy.

In many cases, experts recommend working toward becoming a pet psychic by practicing on your own pet first. Since you are usually closest to your own pet, you may find it easier to develop an initial connection with him. Then, as time goes by and you feel that your skills are growing, you can branch out to establish psychic connections with pets that belong to friends and family members. In time and after many positive experiences with pets you know well, you can then advertise your services to the public.


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