How do I Become a Personal Shopping Assistant?

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There are numerous ways to become a personal shopping assistant, and almost none of them have anything to do with formal education. Most personal shopping assistants have had a significant amount of hands-on experience within the fashion industry. In fact, this type of work experience is almost always enough to gain a position as a shopping assistant.

Those who aspire to become a personal shopping assistant should obtain a fashion-related job as soon as possible. Beginning work within this field at an early age is an ideal way to gain a personal shopper position. In addition, many different large department stores hire retail sales people, and promote these people to personal shopper positions within a few months.

The most important attributes that a shopping assistant must possess include an aptitude for fashion, excellent communication skills, and an impeccable eye for detail. While seemingly simple, these qualities are difficult to learn. Thus, most people who become a personal shopping assistant tend to have an innate knack for style and fashion.

While no formal education is required in order to become a personal shopping assistant, there are some certificate programs and courses that may help one personal assistant candidate gain an edge over another. Fashion-specific courses, such as design, theory, and history, can all add to the appeal of a prospective candidate. Fashion buyers are also great candidates for personal shopping assistant positions.


Learning the necessary skills to become a personal shopping assistant can be accomplished, though finding a job within this field may be more difficult. Personal shoppers are usually hired by business professionals who need an extra hand when it comes to coordinating outfits. However, seeking out a potential customer is not as simple as it might sound.

One of the best ways to gain new clients is to begin with friends and family members who may need fashion help. Offering to dress someone that you know can help to advertise your new business. Otherwise, you may want to speak with retail store owners about the skills that you offer. Sometimes, an owner of a particularly lucrative store may hire a professional personal shopper to help important clients shop.

Personal shoppers tend to work independently, though becoming affiliated with certain retail stores may prove to be worthwhile. In addition to helping clients shop for outfits, personal shoppers must also have excellent contact within the fashion industry. When all of these skills, attributes, and contacts are meshed together, the outcome is a successful personal shopping assistant.


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Post 5

Excellent article! I am a personal shopping assistant myself and I love what I do! It is a pure pleasure to see the actual result of your work as a beautiful woman walks out of a dressing to demonstrate the ensemble. But for sure, to become one you need to learn a lot and have a picky taste to be able to scan and find the best according to the budget and demands. I wish luck to all those queens of taste to succeed in what they do!

Post 3

Does anyone know the easiest way to find a personal assistant who is skilled at personal shopping?

I love shopping but I find I have trouble putting together outfits that really wow and would love some guidance from a professional. I figure that there are so many personal assistants to the stars that everyday people should be able to have their shot at help where it matters too. I really like the idea of someone being able to choose outfits and accessories for me that work so I don't have to spend so much time in front of my wardrobe wondering whether or not something is going to look good together.

Post 2

@manykittes2 - It's cool that your friend was able to start doing personal shopping through her personal assistant service. I have been trying to figure out how to become a personal shopper because I love fashion and it is becoming apparent that word of mouth is very important.

Right now I am volunteering with an organization that provides free personal shopping assistance for those trying to find work. You would be amazed at how important clothes are when it comes to getting hired for a job. A lot of the people don't have the cash to buy new clothes so I have to work my magic and make killer outfits at second hand stores.

Post 1

My friend has been doing personal assistant work for quite a long time and she actually ended up doing personal shopping too, though it wasn't really her idea. A boss she had liked my friend's look and asked her to help her choose some clothing for a conference she was going to.

The experience my friend ended up having led her to more personal shopping work via word of mouth. Now she really likes doing personal shopping and finds that it is a lot of fun and that the pay isn't bad either. It seems that becoming a personal shopper can be quite a random thing at times.

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