How do I Become a Pain Management Consultant?

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Medical professionals who have experience and training in pain management are valuable members of medical teams in hospitals and clinics all over the world, and becoming a pain specialist can lead to a lucrative career as a pain management consultant. To become a pain management consultant, individuals must have some education and experience in the medical field. Further education in pain management allows nurses, physician’s assistants and other medical professionals to specialize in helping patients reduce pain. Professional certification programs in pain management are available from technical colleges, community colleges, universities and medical professional organizations.

Pain management specialists work in a variety of medical settings. Individuals trained in pain therapy can work in a pain clinic or hospitals. Nurses trained in pain management work alongside doctors to help patients reduce the pain resulting from different medical conditions. After they become a pain management consultant, pain management nurses can also work with anesthesiologists to help patients manage pain before and after surgery. Medical doctors can also become pain management consultants by completing continuing education in pain management at a university or in residency.


Individuals with some medical training such as registered nurses or nurse assistants can take classes at technical schools, community colleges or universities to specialize in pain management. Many schools of higher education will offer classes in pain management for healthcare professionals or for students who are looking to enter the healthcare field. Although these courses are necessary for learning about pain management techniques and pain medication, a healthcare professional who is looking to become a pain management consultant should also be certified by a board of medical professionals.

In order to become a pain management consultant, a health professional must complete a pain management training program and become certified by the board of nursing certification in his or her area. Medical professionals should check with their local medical certification board to see what pain management programs are certified by the board. With a certification, a nurse or other healthcare professional can become a pain management consultant and further his or her career.

Although there are several ways to become a pain management consultant, the fastest route to a career in pain management is becoming certified in pain management techniques such as massage. Most people think of medication as the only way to manage pain, but there are several other techniques used to manage chronic pain that do not involve prescription medication. Certification programs in pain management through massage can be completed even without prior medical experience or training.


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