How do I Become a Night Club Manager?

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Although the concept of managing a night club may be appealing to some, as it involves creating an entertaining social establishment where people can meet others and interact with their friends, it requires strong business skills. This isn't to say that the other qualities of running a night club don't count, because they do. In order to become a night club manager of a successful venue, you'll have to understand the needs and desires of your customer base. Doing your homework and researching the customer base as well as the competition of other night clubs in the area is likely to impress a bar owner and hopefully convince him or her to hire you.

You're likely to need a combination of experience and education to become a night club manager. Being a supervisor of a bartending or other staff first is often a requirement before you can advance into night club management. A good way to attain a supervisory position is to do well at an entry-level job in the hospitality industry. Shift supervisors typically perform the same duties as other workers, but they have the added responsibility of leading the team.

Shift leadership doesn't mean bossing co-workers around in any way. That type of behavior isn't likely to allow you to advance to a higher supervisory position. Rather, shift supervisor hopefuls should successfully complete their own work duties while acting as a helpful, inspirational guide and role model to co-workers.


Since a night club manager is responsible for many different areas, such as booking entertainment, ordering supplies and overseeing all staff from bartenders to accounting personnel, the more experience you can gain in these activities, the better. On your resume, list your objective to become a night club manager as well as detail all of your experience with specific aspects of the job. If you're able to get hired as an assistant to a night club manager, the skills you learn could be especially relevant and valuable in obtaining future work.

Taking business courses in restaurant and club management part time while also working in the hospitality industry can help you have both education and experience credentials to add to your resume. Strive to become strong in dealing with people as well as in handling details such as liquor license renewal and staff training. The most important thing to remember as you work to become a night club manager is to always be professional and follow legal business protocol.


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Post 2

@lonelygod - I actually have a friend who is managing a club in my hometown right now and he started out as a bartender many years back. Don't think that being a club manager is all fun and games, there is a lot of business to it and you have to deal with customer disputes frequently.

My friend is always complaining to me how tough it is to keep the crowd under control on weekends and that fights tend to breakup in the early mornings. Once the police are called in the manager usually has to make a report about the incident. Plus, there are issues with the staff as well. I guess any management job is never easy.

Post 1

Becoming a night club manager always sounded like a pretty interesting career to me. Nightclubs are a lot of fun and I think booking the entertainment for your venue would be pretty exciting. This would be especially true if your club was large enough to attract some of the bigger name DJs.

When I was in college I really wanted to work in bars and clubs but I never had the schedule for it. Now I am bartending part-time and would like to get enough experience to work my way into a swankier club, then maybe into a management position. I wonder how many bartenders have ever become management.

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