How Do I Become a Navy Firefighter?

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If your goal is to become a Navy firefighter, your first step in the process is to enlist in this branch of the Armed Forces and complete Basic Training. Once this phase has been completed, you will move on to "A School," a specialized training program, and complete the firefighting program. Future firefighters are engaged in a combination of classroom studies and hands on experience, which allows them to learn about how to combat different types of fires. After the training program has been completed, new naval firefighters are assigned to a Naval installation where they start their duties.

A person interested in enlisting in the Navy would start by speaking with a recruiter. Anyone who has set the goal to become a Navy firefighter or any of the other careers offered in the Navy will need to pass a number of screening tests before enlisting. Potential recruits will be measured on their physical abilities, as well as their intelligence and mental stability.

The recruiter will be able to provide more detailed information about the work that Navy firefighters perform. While all enlistees learn about basic firefighting techniques, Navy firefighters perform a number of specialized duties. They are among the first responders when an emergency occurs on a naval base, ship or submarine. A person who wants to become a Navy firefighter will develop the skills needed to respond to incidents involving hazardous chemicals, as well as using standard hoses and pumps to douse flames.


The Basic Training program for naval recruits runs for nine weeks. During this time, participants learn military drills, marching and participate in conditioning exercises. The program also covers weaponry and swimming.

"A School" is where the person who wants to become a Navy firefighter receives specialized training. Classes run for between 13 and 18 weeks. Firefighter trainees learn methods of dealing with structure fires as well is how to deal with an emergency on board a ship or submarine. The program also covers rescue techniques which would be used in various scenarios.

An individual who has successfully completed "A School" training has reached his or her goal to become a Navy firefighter. Over time and as the firefighter demonstrates leadership ability, promotions and corresponding pay increases may follow. A senior Navy firefighter may be involved in training and supervising junior personnel as part of the job. Experienced Navy firefighters may want to seek work for a civilian fire department after being discharged from the Service.


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