How Do I Become a Music Videographer?

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In order to become a music videographer, a person will need to learn the basic principles of videography, and understand how to bring various components together to obtain excellent video footage. After learning the fundamental techniques, a person looking to become a music videographer will need to purchase the necessary equipment needed to begin making music videos. Although basic education and equipment can get a person started as a music videographer, diligence and patience is also needed, as this particular career field may not generate income right away.

Many people looking to become a music videographer begin their journey by obtaining a formal education in videography. Such a program will provide detailed instruction pertaining to the entire process of creating videos, including the pre-production process, which consists of all the details surrounding the planning of a video shoot, such as choosing locations and budgeting. These classes will also give students the opportunity to step behind the camera and learn about all the components of the production process, including cinematography, lighting, and directing. Moreover, these courses educate students on the post-production process, which revolves around video and sound editing, as well as the creation of special effects.


For those who are unable to attend formal classes, the next best option is to obtain an internship or apprenticeship with an experienced videographer. Even if the internship does not focus primarily on music videos, it will still be beneficial to those looking to become a music videographer, as the basic principles of videography are universal across numerous disciplines. The quickest way to obtain an internship would be to look through local newspaper job ads, or by simply calling multiple videographers and asking if they are in need of an intern. This method is also a great way to meet people within the industry and make connections that could help a person reach his or her career goals.

After gaining a good understanding of the principles of video recording, a person looking to become a music videographer will need to acquire equipment to record digital video. The price of the equipment can vary considerably depending on the features and the quality of the camera; however, it is critical that an aspiring music videographer have something he or she can use to make recordings. The sooner an aspiring videographer can begin creating music videos, the faster he or she will improve in the craft.


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