How Do I Become a Multimedia Specialist?

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To become a multimedia specialist, training beyond high school is generally necessary. This training may take a variety of forms, however. Multimedia specialist training is usually not part of a degree program. Training options may include participating in classes, workshops, or seminars offered through a variety of organizations. Another option is to attend a two- or four-year college and earn a degree in a field related to multimedia.

Multimedia specialists generally design interactive forms of media. There may be multiple components to a final product. For example, utilizing sound, animation, graphics, and text in one project is not unusual. Multimedia specialists may create videos, websites, CDs, DVDs, digital film or video, and video games with interactive components for a variety of purposes that may include education, business, or media projects. Depending on the field in which the multimedia specialist wishes to work, training requirements may vary.


There are both two-year and four-year colleges that offer multimedia-related degrees. For example, someone wishing to become a multimedia specialist may earn a degree in multimedia journalism or multimedia design. A multimedia journalism degree would be a good choice for those who wish to work in the news media, for example. This degree will often combine multimedia and journalism courses so that students learn how to write and package stories in unique, interactive formats. A multimedia design degree may be more general and may allow for a wider variety of employment options if the student is unsure of or does not have a preference related to specialty.

Since the majority of multimedia specialists' work is done using a computer, a highly technical background is important. Knowledge of computer codes and programming systems may be necessary. Other courses that may be useful include computer science, programming, computer graphics and design, desktop publishing, and computer animation. More specifically, multimedia specialists are often required to be knowledgeable in CSS and HTML design, for example. Instructional design is also an important aspect so that the final interactive product can be easily understood.

While some multimedia specialists may work for organizations such as schools or media outlets, many also work for multimedia firms. Since there are generally a lot of components to each multimedia project, a specialist in a firm may focus on one specific area, such as animation, while another employee may focus on graphics. Working with a team is often part of the job, so communication and interpersonal skills are also important to become a multimedia specialist.


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