How do I Become a Movie Actor?

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Acting in its own right is a very competitive field. For this reason, landing a movie role can be all the more difficult for a beginning actor. Many movie actors begin their careers in small roles and work their way up. Some start out acting in local theater and then progress into television. There are many venues to become a movie actor and no path is generally regarded as better than another.

An actor may obtain his or her skills in various ways. Certain individuals are gifted with the ability to entertain and may perform effortlessly. For others, training may be necessary to break into acting, in particular if the objective is to become a movie actor. An aspiring movie actor may pursue a formal education at a college, university or performing arts school. An alternative option may be to take private acting lessons in a nontraditional setting.

A person may enroll in a local theater production to gain some acting experience. Many well-known movie actors began their careers acting in local theaters. After gaining some experience, an individual may need to relocate to become a movie actor. Usually, it is wise to relocate to an area known for film production. In the United States, Los Angeles and New York City are two well-known breakout locations for actors.


An individual will need to go to auditions to become a movie actor. If a person is auditioning for a movie role, he will generally be required to memorize part of a movie script. When competing for a role, a person may be auditioned by the movie producer on the set of the movie. Often, this is the executive producer, who is typically in charge of the entire movie project. If the person lands the role, it will be important to be prepared, on time and professional to everyone encountered on the movie set.

There may be several people competing for the same part. For this reason, to become a movie actor a person will need to be good at overcoming rejection. Often, in this type of industry, a person may be rejected from more jobs than he or she is accepted for. Although, rejection may sting at first, going through such an experience may toughen an actor for this very competitive field.

It may be important to take some additional steps to become a movie actor. For instance, you should obtain good representation. This may include hiring an agent, a manager and a lawyer. These people may be retained to guide your career as a budding movie star. Additionally, as most actors make their living from their physical appearance, it may be a good idea to have some professional pictures taken, which may be used to go into an acting portfolio.


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@RoyalSpyder - Have you seen Will Smith's son? He was a pretty good actor in the Karate Kid (2010), but in After Earth, he was terrible. I don't know what happened, but it was quite embarrassing to see.

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As the article says, before you even become a movie actor, it's always good to start somewhere small, and slowly work your way up. As an example, just look at Will Smith. He first started off in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Looking back, it's really cheesy, but it helped his career to soar. Nowadays, he's in the highest budget movies. Whether you want to become a movie actor or even a voice actor, always remember that you won't start off big, but it will pay off in the end.

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