How do I Become a Motorcycle Mechanic?

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There are four steps required to become a motorcycle mechanic: post-secondary training, related work experience, certification, and the job interview process. A motorcycle mechanic is a specially trained mechanic who works on two-wheel motorized units. This includes scooters, mopeds, electrical bicycles, dirt bikes, and motorcycles.

People who are interested in becoming a motorcycle mechanic enjoy working with their hands, have mechanical aptitude, are good at problem solving, and are usually motorcycle riders. Motorcycle mechanic is a specialized field, and although many of the skills are transferable to auto mechanic, additional training and certification is required to make that career transition.

The first requirement to become a motorcycle mechanic is to complete a post-secondary education program. Motorcycle mechanic programs are available from a wide range of community and career colleges. Look for schools that offer a job placement or work term as part of their program. The admissions criteria to become a motorcycle mechanic typically includes high school graduation and courses in English and technology.

Related work experience is usually obtained through a job placement program. The best programs have several courses of job placement or co-operative learning. These programs allow the student to work under the supervision of a licensed mechanic, learning all the skills necessary to work in this environment safely.


In order to become a motorcycle mechanic, all candidates are required to complete a certification examination. Qualification for this exam includes successful completion of post-secondary training and a certain number of work experience hours. The examination is multiple choice and managed by the state. Review the certification requirements in advance to ensure that you are able to write the exam upon graduation.

When applying for a job as a motorcycle mechanic, be sure to proofread your resume and cover letter, double checking for any grammar or spelling mistakes. During the job interview process, remember that the employer usually has a standard list of questions and is looking for complete, concise responses. Keep in mind that everything you say will be written down and reviewed. Think about your answers, stay calm, and focus on how you can contribute.

There limited career advancement opportunities within a garage as a motorcycle mechanic. There are two options: specialize in a specific motorcycle brand or develop custom motorcycles. Motorcycle mechanics often use their skills to open their own garage or repair shop.


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