How do I Become a Mortgage Advisor?

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Mortgage advisors are financial professionals that assist individuals and businesses in securing real estate property. Typically, the advisor will seek to assist the buyer in evaluating various mortgage options and offer advice on which options are in the best interests of the buyer. While the process to become a mortgage advisor varies somewhat from one country to another, there are a few core steps that are applicable in all situations.

One of your first tasks in the goal to become a mortgage advisor is to obtain training in the field of finance. There are a number of university degree programs as well as financial counseling certification programs that can aid in learning what you need to know about mortgages in general. They can also assist you in learning how to evaluate the needs of a client, understanding the real estate market, and what goes into matching the right mortgage plan with the right client. Taking courses of this type will help prepare you for any government certification or licensing that may be required in your jurisdiction.


In the event that you must obtain a license before you can become a mortgage advisor, there is a good chance that you must submit to an examination as well as comply with any other requirements currently in place. This may include proof of educational credentials, practical experience, or a mixture of the two. After meeting the basic criteria for consideration, a date and time for you to take the exam is set. Assuming you pass the exam, you are granted a license to function as an advisor and can begin your career.

After obtaining your credentials, the next step in your goal to become a mortgage advisor is to decide how you wish to pursue employment opportunities. You may choose to become an employee of a financial counseling organization or set up your own mortgage advising business. One advantage of beginning your career with an established firm is you have the chance to augment your education with practical knowledge gained from coworkers who have been in the field for a number of years. This can help you to avoid some of the problems that are often associated with taking what you learn in the classroom and relating it to real time situations.

Even after you realize your dream to become a mortgage advisor, the door must always be open for more knowledge and information. You will need to stay abreast of any changes in laws that govern the extension of mortgages, shifts in the economy that impact the standards a client must meet in order to secure a mortgage, and the development of new mortgage packages that may be of interest to clients with special circumstances. Staying on top of your game will help to ensure you have a long and rewarding career as a mortgage advisor.


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