How Do I Become a Mobile Architect?

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Mobile technology describes all of the software and hardware that enables people to communicate with one another and store, access, and share information with handheld devices, such as cell phones and smartphones. People who work as mobile architects generally are responsible for developing applications and programs that can be used on mobile devices and for integrating these applications into regular operations. Most people who find jobs as mobile architects have backgrounds in fields such as computer science and are able to apply this highly technical language to real world business contexts. To become a mobile architect, it almost always is essential to have a degree in computer science, and in many instances, employers prefer to hire mobile architects who also have graduate degrees. An individual who wants to be a mobile architect also should plan working at least three years in a role in which he or she concentrates on technology integration with mobile technology as a key focus.


To become a mobile architect, it is a good idea to think about in which kind of industry you would like to work early in your career. Mobile technology is used in a wide array of industries, and having experience developing applications in a particular field can help you to prove to employers that you are a knowledgeable and proficient professional. In some fields, such as in finance, it might also be necessary to take courses in relevant subjects to learn how to incorporate mobile technology into real world scenarios.

In order to become a mobile architect, it almost always is necessary to get at least three years of experience overseeing the integration of interactive technology into regular operations. A person who wants to become a mobile architect should concentrate primarily on acquiring experience with mobile applications in particular. In most cases, it is necessary to begin in assistant or junior architect positions then to apply for higher level positions and opportunities, such as project manager.

A person who wants to become a mobile architect should plan on composing a resume that illustrates his or her familiarity with programming languages and operating systems commonly used in his or her industry. It also is essential that a resume for a mobile architect includes plenty of examples of how a job candidate successfully has integrated mobile technology into projects in order to assist clients or colleagues who use mobile applications for accessing and sharing data. A resume for a mobile architect also should include examples of how a candidate communicates professionally in group situations and oversee projects and initiatives.


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