How do I Become a Medical Negligence Solicitor?

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To become a medical negligence solicitor, you will first need to get a bachelor's degree in a subject related to the skills that you will need from an accredited institution. A graduate law degree from a prominent university is the next step in the process to become a medical negligence solicitor. You will also need work or intern in the medical malpractice or medical negligence field. It is also important to take the licensing exam or trainee program that your country offers for this field.

You will find many majors that will help you develop the skills necessary for negligence litigation and research. Solicitors must be able to think in an ordered, analytical fashion, and must be able to communicate very complex ideas both verbally and in writing. Liberal arts majors such as history, area and language studies, philosophy, and religion should provide ample preparation for adopting the aforementioned abilities. A bachelor's degree program in a liberal arts major will emphasize essay and thesis writing skills that will be invaluable to you as you seek to become a medical negligence solicitor.


After obtaining a bachelor's degree from an undergraduate institution, going to law school is the next step. You must have an advanced law degree from an accredited university to become a medical negligence solicitor. In law school, you will be able to focus on topics that are important for medical negligence solicitors to understand, such as tort law, contracts, and the outcomes of landmark negligence litigation cases. The advanced and fast-paced nature of a law school program is excellent training for a future career in negligence law.

Securing work experience in this field is very important. During your undergraduate years or during the summers between law school terms, you should begin to search for suitable internships at firms which engage in medical negligence cases. Seeing experienced medical negligence solicitors in action is an effective way to learn the field firsthand. Many undergraduate and graduate programs offer advisors who will help students interested in becoming medical negligence solicitors find internships or job opportunities.

Upon graduating from an accredited law school program, it will be necessary for you to take a licensing exam or go through a trainee program for solicitors. Solicitors of all types must have the proper license to practice law in a certain geographic territory. Passing the exam and finishing the program will ensure that you can open up your own practice in that area.


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