How Do I Become a Marksman?

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There are a number of ways in which you can become a marksman, depending on what type of marksman you want to become. If you are interested in military marksmanship, then you need to join a branch of the military that includes training for those interested in marksman proficiency, often with a focus on sharpshooting or development as a sniper. For other types of marksman training, you can join a variety of clubs and organizations that help teach and practice marksmanship skills. You can usually become a marksman through attending classes, extensive practice, and developing your abilities with a firearm.

To become a marksman, you should consider what type of marksman you want to be and how you wish to use firearms on a regular basis. If you want to become a professional marksman of some kind, then you should consider either military or law enforcement opportunities. Both of these fields often have positions for those interested in sharpshooting and marksmanship, though different avenues are often used for each opportunity. You should contact your local law enforcement agency, federal law enforcement organizations, or military for information on how you can receive training to become a marksman within their organizations.


There are also ways in which you can become a marksman who is recognized through training and competition, without working as a professional marksman. You can typically join clubs and organizations created to promote firearms use and training, which can often provide classes and programs you can use to develop your marksmanship skills. This can then prepare you for certification as a marksman, which can allow you to teach classes and otherwise train others in proper firearm use. These types of organizations may be regulated in your area, however. You should also look into groups that are part of a larger national organization.

If you are not interested in teaching or competitive sharpshooting, and simply want to become a marksman for personal knowledge and firearms proficiency, then you might consider private training and practice. You can work with an instructor to help you learn the basics of proper marksmanship and help you develop your stance, breathing, and firing technique. Extensive hours of practice are typically required to become a marksman, but you can practice your technique through “dry firing” without ammunition. You can further develop your skills in marksmanship at a firing range and reach a personal level of proficiency with which you are satisfied.


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