How Do I Become a Marketing Promoter?

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You can become a marketing promoter by studying advertising, marketing, business administration or other related subjects at a college or university While a college degree is not always necessary for marketing promoters, most companies only consider applicants who have earned a college degree. Without a degree, you can possibly become a marketing promoter by starting your own company and engaging in product marketing or being trained as a marketer by another employer. Jobs for marketing promoters tend to be highly competitive, but are frequently advertised in newspapers, online job sites and through industry publications.

Most individuals interested in this field actually become a marketing promoter by attending a college or university. Various marketing and advertising classes help prepare students for marketing promotion, as do courses in business, market research and consumer analysis. Employers and clients often prefer to work with marketers who have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in a field directly related to this line of work.

If you are a creative self-starter, you may become a marketing promoter without attending college. People who enter the field in this way often do so by starting a company and handling the marketing and promotion details of a product or service on their own. Others who do not take this route generally enter the marketing promotion industry by working as a sales agent where a great deal of marketing and promotion is required.


Whether formally trained or not, important skills needed to become a marketing promoter include creative thinking, good communication skills, social networking skills, and an ability to maintain high energy and focus when working long hours. Other skills, such as identifying potential customers, understanding industry trends and being able to manage business budgets are also necessary. Marketing promoters must be optimistic and able to work well under tight deadlines when required to do so.

If you possess the skills and education to become a marketing promoter, you can locate and apply for jobs in this industry by searching multiple job sources. A few places to begin your search are print classified ads, Internet job boards and industry publications distributed by professional organizations. Some jobs are only shared among industry insiders, however, so it is important to network with other professionals in the industry if you truly intend to become a marketing promoter. It is likely that you will encounter high competition for these types of jobs, so be prepared to apply for several before you are actually hired.


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