How do I Become a Marine Recruiter?

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Marine recruiters are responsible for searching out potential candidates for the United States Marine Corps (USMC), informing them of the enlistment process, opportunities and conducting interviews. Recruiters may also coordinate health screenings, determine if applicants meet qualifications and oversee community Marine recruiting functions. To become a Marine recruiter, one generally begins their career as an enlisted officer in the USMC. Once a Marine has completed basic training or become a ranking officer, they may be eligible for recruitment training.

To become a Marine recruiter, one first must become a Marine. Recruiters generally need to know as much as possible about Marine training and qualifications, and this is learned through time in the service. Enlisting at a local recruiting agency is one way to get started in service.

U.S. citizens who have obtained a high school diploma or a GED equivalency are eligible to apply for enlistment. Once an application has been completed, the recruiter will assess the applicant to determine if they meet eligibility requirements. Those attempting to enlist as Marines should be between 18 and 29 years of age, and they may be required to pass a series of physical and psychological tests.


Once an applicant is enlisted, they are generally required to complete a basic training program. Basic training typically consists of intense and disciplined physical training that prepares Marines for combat. Training lasts six to thirteen weeks and is generally followed by a formal, concentrated training period that focuses on developing a particular set of skills. Enlisted privates will then need to work their way up to at least a sergeant ranking for eligibility to become a Marine recruiter.

Those who have completed their undergraduate degree and possess some type of prior military experience, such as Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) or Citadel training, may be eligible to enlist directly as an officer. Advancement to become a Marine recruiter is typically much faster for those who possess bachelor’s degree and prior experience. Applicants are still typically required to complete a physical and psychological evaluation.

Once a Marine has reached staff sergeant or sergeant level, they are eligible for training to become a Marine recruiter. Recruitment training provides basic instruction on military administrative work. Potential recruiters are trained in recruitment strategy, applicant screening protocols, requirements for enlistment documents as well as reporting and other administrative tasks. Marine recruiters spend the majority of their time in offices, interviewing potential candidates, but they may also spend a fair amount of time canvassing or participating in local career fairs and recruitment efforts.


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