How do I Become a Male Model?

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When most people think of male models, they have an image of a young, well-built and handsome male who models designer clothing. While there are certainly male models who fit this description, the range of modeling careers for men go well beyond this popular image. If you want to become a male model, here are some ideas that may help you achieve your dream, regardless of your age, background, or currently physical condition.

Your first step in the quest to get a job as a male model involves taking an inventory of what you have to offer. Perhaps you are in decent shape, but do not have the type of physique that is currently considered ideal for runways and the covers of magazines. You may have a pleasant face and a great smile, but not be considered handsome. Take into consideration your age as well. Don’t assume that any of these factors will automatically prevent you from becoming a male model. However, in order to go after the right type of modeling job, you must understand what you have to work with.


Along with your self-inventory, you also need to define what types of jobs are in keeping with your personal ethics. Ideally, you want to launch a career that will provide personal satisfaction as well as a steady income. If you are not comfortable modeling underwear, then decide early on that you will not take on jobs of that type. Understanding your limits and respecting them may cost you a few jobs, but it will also help you further define your niche and, in the long run, aid you in the quest to become a male model.

Don’t rule out some training for your new career. While it is possible to get a job as a male model without any formal training, those situations are rare. Look for a training program that will at least provide you with the basics of the trade, such as how to walk, stand, and move in front of a camera. Developing this basic skill set will enhance your appeal to potential clients.

With your self-assessment complete, it is time to explore various types of modeling and determine what type of assignments will further your goal to become a male model. You may choose to do catalog modeling, runway modeling, model sports clothing, or even use your hands to model male jewelry. Keep in mind that there are modeling opportunities that cater to niche markets such as men over forty, big and tall men, and men of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Identify these opportunities, especially if you are not in your twenties and built like an athletic swimmer or bodybuilder.

Another step in the process to become a male model is to create your own publicity tool. This involves the creation of visual images that can be distributed to potential clients as well as professional agents. Work with a photographer to create these images. Make sure you have hard copies on hand to distribute when necessary. At the same time, maintain a bank of electronic images as well. You can use these to email images to interested parties; at the same time, you can also set up your own website to publicize yourself.

If you are to become a male model, you will need an agent. Ideally, you will be able to attract the attention of an agent who has contacts and a reputation in the niche markets which you are physically right for and have an interest in pursuing. While it can take time to find the right agent, the effort is well worth it. As with any type of contract, have it checked out by an attorney and make sure you know exactly what type of commitment you are making. This will prevent a lot of trouble later on. It will also help you avoid situations that could derail your modeling career before it ever gets off the ground.


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ChessPlayer- How tall you have to be depends on what type of modeling you want to do. If you want to be a catalog or fitness model, the requirements are less stringent and you can be anywhere from around 5'6" to around 6'4". For high fashion, however, you should be from 5'11" to 6'2".

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How tall do you have to be in order to become a male model?

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What is a mail(male) order model?

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