How do I Become a Kickboxing Instructor?

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There is not one specific and required method for you to become a kickboxing instructor, as it depends on where you live and what skills you already have. While a black belt in any form of martial arts is not required, it can help and will certainly be valuable for you as you move forward. You should consider different professional kickboxing groups, and find one or more to become affiliated with as this can help you build a reputation and references for yourself as you try to build your career. Different professional fitness associations in various countries also offer programs in certification for kickboxing instructors.

It is certainly helpful if you have a fair amount of kickboxing experience, though professional kickboxing is not necessarily a requirement. There are several different programs to help you start your career as an instructor and you should consider which one may help you the most. Different countries may have specific fitness and athletic groups you can join to become certified as an instructor, and you should look at different ones before deciding. If you are researching these groups online, then you should be sure to also check sites other than official sites for the group to be sure they are legitimate.


The Professional Kickboxing Association®, for example, is a multinational organization that focuses primarily on competitive fighting and kickboxing. While you may not need to be a member of such a group to become a kickboxing instructor, it could certainly help you, especially if you want to start your own business. If you would prefer to focus more on the exercise side of kickboxing and work mainly within the fitness industry, then there are a number of different groups that can help you receive the training and certification you should have.

In the United States, several groups offer certification in various forms of kickboxing and can help in your quest to become a kickboxing instructor. The American Fitness Professionals & Associates® (AFPA) provides a number of courses that can help you become certified to be a fitness instructor. Focusing primarily in what the AFPA calls Cardio Kickboxing®, these courses can be taken at certain locations or in your own home over the Internet and include a written exam and a visual demonstration of certain techniques.

Other groups, such as the Aerobics and Fitness Association of American® (AFAA), also offer courses in kickboxing instruction certification. Whichever path you take, you may want to consider finding a specific area to focus in, or offer lessons to a particular demographic such as “Kickboxing for Kids” or “Kickboxing for Women,” as these services may be more desirable than general lessons. You should also consider receiving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification as you complete these courses. Though it is not necessarily a requirement to become a kickboxing instructor, many fitness centers require their instructors to be CPR certified before hiring.


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