How Do I Become a Junior Network Administrator?

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Junior network administrators are information technology (IT) professionals who are responsible for ensuring that internal and external information systems run smoothly. They might also assist in the development and implementation of networks, but they are not big picture administrators like senior administrators. To become a junior network administrator, it is almost always essential to earn an undergraduate degree in a field such as information systems or computer science and also to participate in internships while studying the degree. While it may not be necessary to earn a graduate degree or professional certification to become a junior network administrator, many people who have these jobs are interested in moving into higher positions, so they might earn certification prior to or during their employment as junior administrators.

In most cases, junior network administrators are full-time IT department employees. They might answer to IT managers or senior administrators and also might be responsible for handling all information and telecommunications issues in certain departments. For example, in the insurance industry, a junior network administrator might be responsible for overseeing external systems through which clients file their insurance claims. These professionals commonly work in teams and must be able to apply analytical skills to problems, so those interested in this field should try to develop their critical thinking.


To become a junior network administrator, it is important to participate in internships while studying towards a college degree. In most cases, computer science and information system programs maintain relationships with local organizations that have IT departments. Representatives or recruiters from these organizations might visit campus to meet students and interview those who are promising and who show a deep interest in related work. Not only can these internship opportunities provide prospective junior network administrators with valuable real world experience, but they also can help them to get a position sooner. Most positions require that applicants have between three and five years of IT work experience.

A person who wants to become a junior network administrator should think about the kind of organization in which he or she would like to work since this can impact the kind of experience he or she gets. Individuals who are interested in working in large organizations that utilize complex networks and information sharing systems might take internships in large organizations. Here they can learn about IT positions that might require them to have narrow focuses on certain departments or processes. An individual who wants to become a junior network administrator in a smaller organization, on the other hand, might get experience in an organization where he or she oversees all network operations and components.


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