How Do I Become a Junior Database Administrator?

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Database administrators manage the information of organizations using specialized database software. A junior database administrator is typically someone who is beginning their career in the field. There is not one specific educational path to become a junior database administrator because the background companies and organizations look for vary. Many require a four-year college degree in a computer-related area, but some companies and other organizations will accept two-year college or technical school degrees along with database experience. Some will not require a degree at all as long as you have strong expertise in their database software.

In a competitive job market, earning a four-year degree in computer science, management information systems or information technology might put you ahead of the pack of job seekers. Some schools offer concentrations in database administration or database management as part of these degree programs. Some community colleges and technical schools offer two-year degrees and training programs in database administration that do not require taking the general education courses needed for four-year degrees. If you want to become a junior database administrator, completing such a program and demonstrating strong database software knowledge might get you a job in the field with some employers. Working in an internship position while in a college or technical school program will provide real-world work experience and potential contacts for future employment


There is usually a high demand for experienced computer personnel. Having expertise with the most commonly used database software and strong overall computer knowledge, even if you don't have a degree, can also sometimes meet the requirements of employers. It all depends upon the specific employer. If you are already working for a company in a computer-related area and have demonstrated strong computer proficiency, learning your company's database software through company or college training courses might get you moved into a junior database administrator role.

Having good verbal communication skills to work with a variety of technical and non-technical personnel will help you to become a junior database administrator. Sometimes database administrators are required to write the user manuals and other technical documentation for database programs, so having strong writing ability can be necessary. Strong analytical skills to identify and solve problems are also important in this technical career. A big picture outlook combined with a detail orientation will help you to manage large database projects while ensuring that no single steps in the projects are missed.


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