How do I Become a Housekeeping Supervisor?

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If you want to become a housekeeping supervisor, you should be willing to sacrifice some time to achieve that goal. This is a position that is often reached after a period of working in lower positions. Relevant education may help you accelerate the process.

There are several types of establishments where you can become the housekeeping supervisor. In the hospitality industry, you can go to hotels, resorts, or cruise ships. In the medical industry, you can go to hospitals or elderly care facilities. There are also home cleaning crews that need supervisors.

It is common for someone who wants to become a housekeeping supervisor to begin working in lower housekeeping positions. You need to display excellence in all aspects of the job before you can be considered for a promotion. If you work or plan to work at a facility that has various types or degrees of housekeeping, you may have to master them all. For example, if you work at a resort with hotel-style rooms and villas, you would need to know how each area needs to be arranged and cleaned.


Excelling at your duties can include demonstrating strong social skills. When people focus on attaining a promotion, they can become so focused on the duties that they forget that dealing with people will be an important part of the job. Displaying the ability to listen, showing an inclination to help others when needed, and maintaining a positive attitude toward your work are behaviors likely to be beneficial in helping you achieve your goal.

To become a housekeeping supervisor, you will need to display leadership skills, communication skills, and management skills. If you solve problems as they arise and communicate problems that arise on the job, you are likely to be regarded as a more attractive candidate. Wise management of supplies and time is important to most businesses and can therefore help you to attract positive attention.

Education and special training can also be very helpful in your pursuit to become a housekeeping supervisor. If you want to work in hotels or resorts, for example, it may help you to have a degree in hotel and restaurant management or to have a certificate in hospitality services. Certificates or courses completed in hazardous materials safety can also be helpful, especially in health and elder care settings.


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