How do I Become a Housekeeping Manager?

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The housekeeping manager is an individual responsible for coordinating the cleaning of a facility. He typically has an understanding of personnel management and general room-cleaning management. To become a housekeeping manager, an individual should have some college education and industry experience. Larger organizations may require a bachelor’s degree in hotel management for the housekeeping manager.

Housekeeping managers are typically needed in hospitals, hotels, and retirement communities. These managers are responsible for the daily cleaning of all rooms within the facility. An individual wanting to become a housekeeping manager should try working in the housekeeping department of a hotel. This entry-level position would give him an overview of the daily tasks required for a housekeeping manager.

Cleaning is a physically intense job. The housekeeping staff and managers should be able to lift or carry items weighing up to 50 pounds (22.67 kg). This profession requires significant bending, walking, and lifting throughout the day. Anyone wanting to become a housekeeping manager should be comfortable working in a physical job for eight hours per day.

Most facilities require shift work for the housekeeping staff. These shifts are mornings, nights, and late-nights. In order to become a housekeeping manager an individual should be comfortable working various shifts throughout a month. In addition, the housekeeping manager may need to work double shifts when personnel call off.


The housekeeping department is also responsible for washing sheets and linens throughout the facility. This task is an extensive undertaking for large hotels and hospitals. In the health care industry, hygiene and infection control are critical jobs that are under direct responsibility of the housekeeping manager.

Housekeeping managers should have strong customer service skills. They need to have a good understanding of employee management, training, and labor-relation issues. Many hotels are required to use labor unions for the housekeeping staff. This makes the understanding of employee management and communications skills a critical element to become a housekeeping manager.

These managers should also have excellent organization skills. The housekeeping manager is responsible for payroll, work schedule, and the daily room-cleaning schedule. This room schedule outlines the order that rooms will be cleaned for a specific day. These schedules require proper planning and management of work assignments for each housekeeper.

To become a housekeeping manager an individual must be particular about cleaning. A housekeeping manager is responsible for overall cleaning inspection of the entire facility. This requires daily verification that rooms and common areas meet the standards required for the organization.


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