How do I Become a Hotel Receptionist?

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A hotel receptionist works at the front desk and checks guests in and out of the hotel, and may occasionally answer the phone to take reservations or answer questions. To become a hotel receptionist, formal education beyond a high school diploma is generally not required. Some high-end hotels might wish to hire people with more experience or even an associate's degree in a hospitality field, such as hotel management.

If you're interested in working at a hotel call and visit those in your area. Hotels may not advertise that they are seeking a receptionist, but it also cannot hurt to check the classifieds in the newspaper or online. When calling a hotel to ask about any openings, remember to be friendly, and to introduce yourself and state your purpose for calling immediately.

When visiting a hotel to apply for a receptionist position, remember to dress professionally and to speak clearly. Print out a resume if you have one; any previous work experience in customer service can help you get the job. In addition, list any relevant skills, such as computer or math skills.


The receptionist will be the first person a guest sees when checking into a hotel, so it is important to project professionalism. He or she will need to be able to clearly answer any questions the guests may have, as well as to collect payment on a reservation or set up a charge account. For these reasons, it is important for anyone who wants to do this job to be very detail-oriented and responsible.

If you get an interview at a hotel, it is important once again to dress professionally and smile when introducing yourself. Explain why you would make a good hotel receptionist. Be sure to consider the fact that many hotels need someone at the desk at all hours of the day, seven days a week, so your shifts may not be regular daytime shifts. Ask any questions you may have; it is also a good idea to learn some information about the hotel beforehand in order to appear more informed and competent.

Once you accept a job offer to become a hotel receptionist, there will generally be a brief training period. Depending on the size of the hotel and the number of other staff members, your duties may vary. Someone who succeeds in this position may be promoted into a supervisory or managerial role.


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After years working in retail, I wanted to get an office based job as a secretary. After looking at many training providers I decided to study at Souters Training. With their advice I realized that a receptionist role was best suited for me. I did the receptionist training course and got a job shortly after with my certificate. I found that many places I interviewed were aware of the Souters standard of training.

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